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15 Free Apps for Elementary Teachers and Educators in 2024
February 1, 2024
Educational apps are a great way to get students engaged and learning in the classroom. We’ve rounded up a great list of 15 free apps for elementary teachers that you can use to jumpstart your search for teaching tools to use this year.
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Kodable Virtual Back-To-School Night
September 7, 2023
Watch a recording of our recent Kodable Back-to-School Night Webinar with special guests: Boddle, Literably, NoRedInk, and Mosa Mack Science!
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How To Bring Positive Reinforcement Into Your Elementary Classroom
August 17, 2023
Elevate your elementary classroom with positive reinforcement techniques. Learn how to create a supportive environment that inspires students to excel. Discover effective strategies now!
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15 First Day of School Activities for Elementary Teachers
July 19, 2023
We’re here to help with some ideas to help jumpstart your back-to-school planning! Check out our full list of first day of school activities to get your elementary school students learning on day one.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Classroom Management For New Teachers
July 11, 2023
Learn valuable do's and don'ts of classroom management to create a successful and engaging learning environment for new elementary teachers.
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Easy Tools and Techniques to Track Elementary Student Progress
July 10, 2023
Explore effective tools and techniques for tracking student progress to enhance personalized learning and academic success in elementary classrooms.
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Essential Classroom Checklist for First-Year Elementary Teachers
June 30, 2023
Ensure a successful first year of teaching with this comprehensive classroom checklist designed to support new elementary teachers in their first year of school.
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2023-2024 STEM Events Calendar and Holidays for Teachers
June 29, 2023
As you start to look ahead for the year we’ve put together the following calendar of STEM holidays to help your planning. Here’s to another great year full of STEM activities for elementary students!
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11 Elementary Classroom Must-Haves For Your First-Year Teacher Wish List
June 28, 2023
As a first-year teacher there are a lot of things you need to set your classroom up for success. We've compiled some must-haves to include in your classroom wish list to make for a great first year of teaching!
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9 Simple Classroom Engagement Strategies for Elementary Teachers
June 19, 2023
Enhance student engagement with these practical, enjoyable, and simple classroom activities designed to inspire learning and curiosity in your elementary students this school year.
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13 Free Technology Tools for Elementary Teachers
June 2, 2023
With a new school year around the corner, we’ve put together this helpful guide that contains 17 different free teacher technology tools for you to add to your classroom next year.
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Making the case for Kodable to be in your classroom budget
March 13, 2023
learning critical thinking skills is a process, not an outcome. That’s why Kodable Premium plans extend the learning experience from your classroom to your entire school with access for all teachers and students.
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Year of Code Commitment | Coding for Elementary School Students
September 22, 2021
The world of elementary coding is booming with excitement and growing fast! Teachers all over the world are blazing the way by finding ways to add coding for elementary school students into their classrooms.
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Assign Elementary Coding Video Lessons
September 10, 2021
Class is now in session, which means it's time to start planning elementary coding video lessons and activities. Learn about K-2 Coding, how to set up a free Kodable account, and how to introduce coding into your classroom.
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Busting the Top 4 Myths About Teaching Kids to Code
August 24, 2021
Computer science and coding are becoming a focus in elementary education as coding helps children develop problem-solving resilience, and logical thinking skills.
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4 Steps to Add Elementary Coding Stations into your Classroom
August 20, 2021
We're excited to welcome our guest writer Dena Orfanitopoulos also know as Miss.Tech Queen! Dena is an Enrichment & Technology Teacher for grades 1-4 in New Jersey.
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Kodable Set Up Guide 2021 | Coding in Elementary School
August 17, 2021
As a new school year approaches, those little voices and bright smiles will soon be back in your classroom. Perhaps you've spent time this summer thinking about how you can engage your students differently this year.
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How to Teach Coding with Project-Based Learning
July 16, 2021
A new school year brings new opportunities to explore project-based learning with computer science in your classroom. As we approach back-to-school, I like to revisit my curriculum and consider new ways to spark student interest.
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