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Helping teachers and parents teach computer science to tomorrow’s innovators.

Kodable translates computer science into easy-to-teach lessons and games that kids love.

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Everything you need in one place

No more piecemeal curriculum! From introductions to real JavaScript - we've got it all!

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Make a difference in your students' lives by engaging over something you both love.

Results that matter

Start seeing improved critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration.

Kodable has videos, vocabulary, lesson plans, off-scree practice, and assessments

Everything you need in one place.

Choose from over 70 lessons with both on-screen and off-screen components. Every lesson includes instruction guidance, vocabulary words, and student materials. You can teach K-5 computer science as it’s own content area or integrate into math, ELA, digital citizenship, robotics, or other subject area.

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More of your best moments

Finding time to have a positive teachable moment can be tough, but Kodable brings adults and kids together through games kids love! You can feel confident that you’re making a difference in their lives and that they will enjoy learning.

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Results that matter

Kodable breaks down computer science into the basic concepts kids need for a strong foundation life. Kodable offers materials focused on topics ranging from communication and social emotional learning to real world impact of computer science.

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