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Must-Watch Student Videos

Get started with a fun and creative one-hour activity. Anyone can code!
What is Coding for kids 4-6?
Introduction to Coding
Meet the Fuzz Family
Meet the Fuzz Family
Introduction to Sequence
What is a Sequence?

Most Popular Lessons for Beginners

Get started with a fun and creative one-hour activity. Anyone can code!
Robots and Puppies
Make Shapes with Code
K-1 (Pre-Reader)
Build Your Own Kodable Fuzz

Coding Worksheets and Printables

Worksheets, teacher guides, classroom posters, and more!
Design a Fuzz PDF
Coding Worksheet Packet PDF
Teach kids to code PDF

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What's new on the Kodable Blog?

Free STEM activities, tips and tricks, teacher interviews, and more.
How Kodable helps build foundational math and science skills
March 23, 2023
Kodable is not only a great way to introduce elementary students to computer science, but it’s also a great way for students to build and reinforce other key learnings like science and math.
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Learn about our new classroom resources
March 17, 2023
We’ve got new classroom resources and a new layout on your teacher dashboard to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. No matter how you’re using Kodable in the classroom, you can easily find new activities.
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Making the case for Kodable to be in your classroom budget
March 13, 2023
learning critical thinking skills is a process, not an outcome. That’s why Kodable Premium plans extend the learning experience from your classroom to your entire school with access for all teachers and students.
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