Hand-picked resources just for you

Teaching technology is easier with the right tools.

Everything you need when you're presenting Kodable to others

  • One Page Handout

    A Kodable handout that explains some of the core features of the game.

  • About Kodable Presentation

    Use this powerpoint as a starting point for explaining Kodable to others

  • Why teach programming?

    Here's a slide deck useful for explaining why it's important to teach kids to code.

  • About Kodable Video

    Learn about the Kodable curriculum, standards, and features available for teachers and administrators!

  • Common Core Alignment Handout

    Printable handout with a general overview of the ways Kodable meets Common Core Standards

  • 5 Reasons to teach kids to code infographic

    A full-length infographic on reasons to teach your kids to code

  • Back to School Night Kit

Blaze a trail of success for your school

  • Elementary Computer Science Standards

  • Common Core quick reference

    A quick reference guide to the Kodable Common Core alignment, including a full list of standards met.

  • Common Core Alignment

    Full details of the Kodable Common Core alignment.

  • 4 Steps to Implementing Computer Science

Bring coding to your classroom with these great resources

  • Decoration Pack

    Kodable images, screenshots, logos, Fuzzes, app icons, and more!

  • Coloring Sheet

    Create your own fuzz! Color it in and give them a name.

  • Meet the fuzzFamily

    Introduce your students to the fuzzFamily with this quick furry video.

  • 5 Reasons to teach kids to code poster

    Encourage your whole school to learn to code. Print this poster and hang it in your class!

  • 5 Progress Trackers

Fund your coding dreams with a little help from these resources

  • Letter to Parents

    Parents care deeply about their child's education. They can be your greatest ally and partner when trying to improve your students' education. Asking for support from parents is a great place to begin when trying to fund programming education. Download our letter to parents template to explain the value of Kodable.

  • Outside funding options

    Funding technology can be a challenge, but there are a lot of options for finding the support you need. We’ve compiled a set of funding resource.

  • Letter to Admins

    Administrators often look to teachers and faculty for advice on purchasing. Asking for support from your administrators can be a great way to get what you need. Download our letter to administrators template to explain the value of Kodable.

  • 5 Tips for purchasing education tools

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