What Is Sequence?

When teaching your K-5th grade students to code, the best place to start is with Sequence. This quick Sequence coding concept video is the perfect introduction for kids! Sequence is an ordered list of instructions. In this video, your students will learn why Sequence, Algorithms, and Debugging are important coding fundamentals. Not only will this concept be explained in an easy and relatable way, but your students will see how Sequence is used when playing Kodable! After your students watch this video, it's time to let them practice using Sequence while playing interactive games and completing coding activities. If you're looking for a place to start, check out Smeeborg inside Kodable! Kodable is a great option to start teaching coding to kids as we start by introducing the five most foundational computer science concepts. These are the building blocks of every programming language: Sequence, Conditions, Loops, Functions, and Debugging. As your elementary students continue to go through the award-winning Kodable game, we will take students through nine computer science concepts altogether. And you bet, we've created coding concept videos just like this once to help you introduce every concept along the way. Start teaching coding for free by signing up with Kodable. You'll get access to a starter kit of lessons and games, teaching resources, and much more...yep we said it, for FREE!