At Kodable we believe in work-life harmony. This means loving what you do, but loving the rest of your life as well. We practice what we preach with a top-of-the-line benefits package.

But the best benefit is joining a group of creative and smart people impacting the lives of millions of kids. Help us teach the skills kids need in the 21st Century.


100% covered Health, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance.


Meaningful equity and fair compensation.


Flexible, remote-first work environment - work from wherever you want!


Free team lunches and tasty snacks when you visit our San Diego office.


We'll cover the cost of your gym membership with our gym stipend.

Our Core Values

At Kodable, we live by three core values. These are more than just ideals; they're the things we strive to be the best in the world at. These principles are deeply woven into our daily work routines and shape how we tackle our tasks. Each member of Kodable is not just expected to embody these values in all they do, but to also speak up when they notice themselves or others falling short. Our values aren't just guideposts; they're benchmarks of our performance.


On a small team, everyone depends on each other. We work not just to complete tasks, but to help the whole team succeed. When we fall short, we step up, make adjustments, and make it right.


We value openness and honesty and we believe in dealing with issues head on. We're a team and sometimes having a difficult conversation is exactly how teams get stronger.


We value straightforward conversations without hidden motives or agendas. We have a culture grounded in trust and respect, where we're all working toward the same goal with our hearts in the right place.

Guiding Principles

Stay Mission Driven

Kodable's mission is to bring computer science education to every child in the world. Our team is united by this vision, creating a uniquely energizing atmosphere where our work is more than just a job; it's a purpose.

Keep Relentless Focus

Maintaining focus is often the difference between success and failure. We work smarter, not harder, by prioritizing the one ‘great’ idea over the other ‘good’ ones.

Be Cockroaches

The secret to success in business often lies in merely staying alive, and there's no better survivor than the cockroach. When we experience setbacks, we get back up, dust ourselves off, and keep pushing forward.

Avoid Politics in the Office

Discussions about politics or other societal issues unrelated to our mission often divide and distract from our mission, and we believe they should be avoided in the workplace. If political or social activism at the company you work for is important, then Kodable might not be the place for you.