Hour of Code

Students first learn basic programming concepts, then make Kodable mazes, then share them with friends and family!

Students build their very own, fully functional Kodable fuzzes using real JavaScript! When they're done - they have the option to share with classmates and send it to family members.

Build a game in Kodable! Student's learn about intermediate programming concepts before building a space puzzler game using Object-Oriented Programming and JavaScript

Lesson Plans for Teachers


Introduction to Programming

Start by coding a "robot" together off screen, then learn about sequencing with the fuzzFamily! Choose your grade to begin.

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Grades K-5th


Introduction to Programming (Advanced)

The Hour of Code isn't just for beginners! Find an engaging lesson for each grade, whether you're starting on conditions, functions or JavaScript. Choose your grade to begin.

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Grades K-5th

Social Studies

Women in Tech: Past, Present and Future!

Men outnumber women 7 to 3 in the tech industry - for now. This 3-day project calls on all students to examine gender inequality in tech.

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Grades 3rd-5th


ELA + Coding: Choose Your Own Adventure

Will the fuzzFamily land on Earth? Will they end up in Bugs Below? Use conditions to decide the path your story takes from start to end.

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Grades 3rd-5th


Writing and Coding

Sequencing happens in code, reading and life! Learn about everyday connections and complete a reading or writing activity together! Choose your grade to begin.

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Grades K-5th


My First Algorithm - Math Pizza Party (Pre-reader)

Math and programming skills combine to help Dominic's Pizza develop their new mobile ordering app! Common Core math and CSTA aligned.

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Grades K-1st


My First App - Math Pizza Party

Work togeter to draft a pizza restaurant's mobile ordering app! Each day students collaborate to solve the challenge while practicing their math skills.

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Grades 4th-5th


If Flash, Then Clap! Science + Coding

If there is lightning, then thunder will follow! Students explore conditional statements in a hands-on science activity.

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Grades K-2nd


Intro to Robotics with Dash the Robot!

Have you met Dash and Dot? Learn about robot guts, programming and sequencing in your very first robotics lesson!

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Grades K-2nd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students login?

Students can start coding at https://game.kodable.com/hour-of-code

Do you have certificates for my students?

Yes, here!

Do I need an account to complete the Hour of Code with Kodable?

No, you can allow students to play without creating an account however having a teacher account will let you track their progress and continue after the Hour of Code is over.

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The 'Hour of Code' is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.