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Curriculum Addons

For schools looking for long term implementation, lesson plans, professional development and more.

Packages starting at $1,500

Options Include:

  • Introductory Curriculum - 20 lessons
  • Complete K-5 Computer Science - 40 lessons
  • Supplemental content areas - 32 lessons
  • Onsite professional development - 1 day
  • Online professional development - two 1 hour sessions

Set up an appointment with our team to determine the best plan for your school or district.

An Upgrade You'll Love

Since we upgraded to Kodable, my students have taken their coding skills to the next level. They are applying their creativity and problem solving skills regularly to complete levels and create amazing mazes. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. #fuzz4life.

Mr. Aigbekaen, PS 11 - Brooklyn NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Kodable has an affordable $10/month or $80/year subscription for classroom access to the Kodable practice levels.

While our subscription term is twelve months, Kodable is already priced with the assumption that you will not be using it for the full year. This is one of the reasons that we are so affordable!
We will occasionally run seasonal specials on our district-level curriculum packages. If you are interested in Kodable for your district please contact

Kodable is priced to be very affordable for most schools, so we always suggest teachers start by asking their administrators if they are willing to support Computer Science education by purchasing it for your school. Our base-level plans are so affordable they typically do not even need to go through the standard budgeting process!

If your administrators are not willing to support Computer Science, there are a few other funding options. While we cannot suggest specific sources, some options our teachers have been successful with include:

  • PTA
  • Grants
  • District purchase

Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for Title 1 schools. Title 1 schools receive additional funding to support learning innovations at their school. Usage of these additional funds is at each school's discretion, so we suggest asking your administration if some of that funding can be put towards teaching computer science with a Kodable subscription.

Unfortunately not. To keep costs down we have to keep one uniform pricing structure for all of our customers.

Once we have a signed order form, accounts are typically activated that same day. After that, you will have 30 days to make payment.