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Beginner Concepts

Includes the five most foundational CS concepts, the building blocks of every programming language: Sequence, Conditions, Loops, Functions, and Debugging.

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JavaScript Curriculum

JavaScript is the programming language of the web. Prepare your students to write REAL code by middle school with our Introductory Curriculum.

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Supplemental Units

Robotics, ELA, Math, and more! Get access to lessons that help teach concepts important to a well-rounded CS education.

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Game Content

The award-winning Kodable game, where students can practice nine computer science concepts and explore the universe of the cute fuzzy aliens known as the Fuzzes.

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Creative Content

Challenge and empower students to create instead of just consume. Students can create games, mazes, Fuzzes and more - most using REAL JavaScript code.

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Build a Foundation with Beginner Concepts

There are five key concepts used in every programming language. Kids receive exposure through the Kodable game, and you can explore these concepts in depth with fun unplugged lessons. You'll receive everything you need to teach these concepts with confidence:

  • 20 scripted, unplugged lesson plans
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Explanations and videos of each concept
  • CSTA-Aligned

Explore Sample Lessons

Explore Sample Lessons

Bridge the Gap Between Symbols and JavaScript

Help your students learn the most popular programming langauge in the world - JavaScript! By building a solid foundation, Kodable is designed to help students gradually make the transition from symbols to written code as easily as possible.
Most students write their first lines of JavaScript by 2nd grade!

  • Teach the advanced concepts explored in the game
  • 18+ scripted, unplugged lesson plans
  • Vocabulary lists and word walls
  • Cover variables, data types, objects, classes, and properties
  • Explanations and videos of each concept for beginner and experienced teachers alike
  • CSTA-Aligned

Engaging Game Content for All CS Concepts

Students will practice programming in Kodable's award-winning universe of the fuzzFamily. Spanning multiple games, students are engaged on their level as they grow. Students can even continue their practice at home (and will definitely want to!)

  • Students can practice and explore at their own pace
  • An ever-growing library of over 150 practice levels and activities
  • Assign practice content as you go
  • View and share reports on a student, class, or school level
  • CSTA-Aligned

Explore Sample Lessons

Explore Sample Lessons

Start Creating with Code - Earlier than Ever!

Encourage your students to practice creating and collaborating. Your classes can design their own levels, games, and characters using Real JavaScript! When they're done creating, they can share their creations (and code) with their classmates and parents.

  • Make Kodable Mazes for classmates to solve
  • Build Characters and more using JavaScript
  • Build games using JavaScript
  • Share and play creations with classmates and family
  • CSTA-Aligned

Enrich your Curriculum with Bonus Lessons

Kodable is focused on helping you teach to the whole student. Gain access to the Kodable Lesson Library - featuring tons of extra lessons to help you teach coding throughout the school year in many different ways - not just in front of a screen!

  • Robotics with Dash and Dot
  • Math with Freckle
  • ELA
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Back to School and Classroom Management
  • Science and Social Studies

Explore Sample Lessons

An Upgrade You'll Love

Since we upgraded to Kodable, my students have taken their coding skills to the next level. They are applying their creativity and problem solving skills regularly to complete levels and create amazing mazes. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. #fuzz4life.

Mr. Aigbekaen, PS 11 - Brooklyn NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we cannot offer pricing for individual teachers. However, while Kodable might not fit in a classroom budget, it is incredibly affordable for most schools.

While our subscription term is twelve months, Kodable is already priced with the assumption that you will not be using it for the full year. This is one of the reasons that we are so affordable!
We will occasionally run seasonal specials on our district-level curriculum packages. If you are interested in Kodable for your district please contact

Kodable is priced to be very affordable for most schools, so we always suggest teachers start by asking their administrators if they are willing to support Computer Science education by purchasing it for your school. Our base-level plans are so affordable they typically do not even need to go through the standard budgeting process!

If your administrators are not willing to support Computer Science, there are a few other funding options. While we cannot suggest specific sources, some options our teachers have been successful with include:

  • PTA
  • Grants
  • District purchase

Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for Title 1 schools. Title 1 schools receive additional funding to support learning innovations at their school. Usage of these additional funds is at each school's discretion, so we suggest asking your administration if some of that funding can be put towards teaching computer science with a Kodable subscription.

Unfortunately not. To keep costs down we have to keep one uniform pricing structure for all of our customers.