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Did you know?

There will be 1 Million programming jobs unfilled by 2020.

Fewer than 10% of those jobs will be filled by women.

Programming teaches you to problem solve and think creatively.

Kids who learn about coding at an early age are more likely to understand it later

About the Kodable Parent Plan

Teach your children to code

We make coding for kids easy - no programming experience required! Our curriculum includes lesson plans, explanations of key concepts, and screen free activities.

Learn the basics of every language

Your child will learn to use conditions, loops, functions, and how to write and think algorithmically. Before reaching middle school, they’ll know the building blocks of every modern object oriented programming language.

Track their progress

Always know exactly what your child is learning, and where they need help, from the parent dashboard.

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Kodable Parent

Basic Coding Lessons Kodable covers basic programming concepts including sequence and conditions, and includes lesson plans, vocabulary and learning guides for each new concept.

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Parent Resources

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Advanced Coding Lessons After kids learn the basics, they can move on to advanced concepts including loops, functions and variables. Lesson plans, vocabulary and learning guides are included for each new concept

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Student ProfilesTrack what students are learning, how many lessons they have completed, where they need help, and more with Kodable.

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