Students using Kodable on tablets in class

Coding is Problem Solving for the 21st Century

Kodable helps kids develop important skills for their future.

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Problem Solving

Learn to solve problems creatively and with multiple possible solutions. Coding sparks kids' critical thinking skills.


Build grit by creating new projects and solving coding puzzles so you can stick with a project even when it’s tough.


Bounce back when a challenge is presented. Kids learn productive failure with helpful hints and motivators.

Students using Kodable collaboratively

"I found that coding in the classroom has helped to strengthen my students’ ability to problem solve, but more importantly, to collaborate with one another effectively. It enabled my more meek and mild kiddos to open up and shine because coding is an area that they feel strong in. I want to continue to help my students grow in this mindset. They can do anything as long as they try and maybe ask for some guidance from peers along the way."

Melissa Moyers
Melissa Moyers
2nd Grade Teacher
Harrisburg, VA


Coding with a partner teaches kids to work with others to solve difficult problems and learn from their experiences.


Coding is a roller coaster; kids learn to share triumphs and struggles with their peers.


Spark creativity with coding projects like designing levels, games, and characters.

Students using Kodable on tablets in the classroom

"Kodable has allowed my students to develop more problem solving and critical thinking skills. My students also use kodable to collaborate on ideas, creativity and math skills."

Holly Thorpe
Holly Thorpe
Kindergarten Teacher
West Chester, OH

Kodable Games for Your Learners

Smeeborg Game Icon


Critical Thinking

Learn to think like a programmer, use coding basics to move a Fuzz through mazes and earn stars for the best solution.

Beach Cleanup Game Icon

Beach Cleanup

Design Thinking
Problem Solving

Learners explore programming impact as they create and solve mazes to rescue the baby sea creatures.

Maze Maker Icon

Maze Maker

Critical Thinking

Learners use spatial awareness, creativity, and programming concepts to make and solve levels of their own.

Game Designer Icon

Game Designer


Collaborate and practice design thinking skills to create an asteroid game using variables to modify the design.

Bug World Game Icon

Bug World


The fuzzFamily must defend their ship from the attacking slimes. Players are introduced to JavaScript and its concepts for the first time.

Fuzz Builder Icon

Fuzz Builder


Kids get their first introduction to JavaScript using proerties to create and customize their own Fuzz.

Everything you need to teach your class to code