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STEM Activities for Kids Inspired by Picture Books

Who doesn't love a picture book? Regardless of your age, we're pretty sure that answer is yes! Which makes these STEM activities for kids the perfect learning-based project for your students and you!
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Developing Problem-Solving Skills for Kids | Strategies & Tips

We've made teaching problem-solving skills for kids a whole lot easier! Keep reading and comment below with any other tips you have for your classroom!
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7 Choice Board Examples to Bring Into Your Classroom

Choice boards give students the freedom to decide on learning activities that interest them and they're perfect for learning in-class or at a distance. Learn how to make a choice board and see great choice board examples in this post.
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Meet CatBot: Kodable Creator's AI Coding Tutor

April 9, 2024
CatBot is every student's personalized AI tutor. Beyond teaching the game's basic mechanics, CatBot supports students at every turn from debugging code to helping inspire the next great game designer.
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Unleashing Creativity in Coding: The Launch of Kodable Creator

February 20, 2024
Kodable Creator is the easiest way for kids to learn how to make their own games! With the help of their AI coding tutor CatBot, students can learn all about computer science through play. Kodable Creator acts as a bridge for students, tran
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10 Best Programming Games for Kids in Elementary School

September 11, 2023
Discover the top 10 programming games for elementary school kids. Nurture young minds with fun and educational coding adventures. Explore the best options for young programmers!
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Kodable is an award winning game to teach kids programming. Help kids learn coding with out any previous experience. Kodable includes lesson plans, videos, games and more!

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