What are Computer Programs? Ages 4-6

What are computer programs, and how do they impact the world around us? What is coding? If you're looking to help students answer these questions, you've come to the right place! Students in elementary school will learn all about computer science basics in this quick video. But why stop there?! Now that you've sparked their interest in computer science, let them learn and use coding skills for real! Sign up for your free teacher account with Kodable to gain access to free coding lessons and games, teacher resources to guide you in teaching coding, and unlimited student access! But what are the benefits of teaching elementary school kids computer programming? Computer programming teaches kids the skills they need to succeed in 21st-century careers. Not only are they learning about technology and coding, but they're also learning about critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, math, ELA skills, and more. Coding in elementary school is creating the workforce we need for the future! If you're looking for more resources to help introduce coding into your class, make sure to check out all of our coding videos here at Kodable as well as our YouTube channel! We also post awesome kids' coding resources, tips, and activities on our Blog, as well as must-try computer science printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.