15 Free Apps for Elementary Teachers and Educators in 2023

Educational apps are a great way to get students engaged and learning in the classroom. But with so many apps out on the market it’s hard to sift through all the available options to see what makes the most sense for your needs! That’s why we’ve rounded up a great list of 15 free apps for elementary teachers that you can use to jumpstart your search for teaching tools to use this year.

Free Apps for Elementary Teachers

  1. Kodable
  2. Google Classroom
  3. ClassDojo
  4. SeeSaw
  5. Kahoot!
  6. Quizlet
  7. TeacherKit
  8. Remind
  9. Prezi
  10. Calm
  11. Planboard
  12. Evernote
  13. Nearpod
  14. EdPuzzle
  15. Duolingo


Kodable free teacher app screenshot

Kodable is a programming game that helps teach students from kindergarten through 5th the basics of computer programming in a fun and engaging way. This easy-to-use STEM activity also helps students build logical thinking and problem solving skills through self-paced lessons, immediate feedback, and unlimited creative activities. 

Explore Kodable’s Teacher Field Guide to learn more about the fun-filled Kodable universe or jump right in by creating your free teacher account today!

Available on: Web and iOS Devices

Google Classroom

10 Google Classroom Tips - Teach Create Motivate

Google Classroom is an all-in-one platform to help you better manage your classroom. This app allows you to easily track student progress, prepare and schedule assignments, and much more, all while keeping you connected to all your other Google apps. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


ClassDojo Screenshot

ClassDojo is a classroom management platform that helps you create a behavior management system for your classroom while also enabling easier communication with families. You can award points to students for demonstrating good behavior, share progress updates with families, and use automatic reminders to keep everyone in the loop on upcoming events. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices



SeeSaw screenshot

SeeSaw brings together assessment tools, instruction, and communication into one platform to help you differentiate learning. This app also includes a digital portfolio to help students showcase their learning and help you share progress with families.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Kodable Kahoot! Screenshot

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that allows you to create interactive quizzes, discussions, and surveys. Students participate using their own devices, making learning interactive and fun. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Quizlet screenshot

Quizlet’s platform lets you easily create flashcards, quizzes, and study games. Both you and your students can use Quizlet to create study sets or access pre-made resources. Practicing vocab with flashcards or reviewing content before a test are both common ways elementary teachers integrate this tool into their lesson plans.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


TeacherKit Screenshot

TeacherKit is a classroom management app that features attendance tracing, grading, and behavior management tools. This app aims to reduce the headache of routine tasks to give you more time back in your day, week, and year for instructional time.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Remind screenshot

Remind is a great free app to make communication with parents a whole lot easier. This includes one-on-one chat or sending classroom wide reminders. Get real-time notifications on any device while keeping messaging with families secure.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Prezi Screenshot

Prezi is a great free app to help you make presentations and learning more engaging in your classroom. This app easily integrates with Google apps and other commonly used apps including YouTube to make it seamless for you to make multimedia presentations for your students.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Calm screenshot

You may be familiar with Calm, the mindfulness app, but did you know that they have a free teacher subscription? This free option is not only to help support you, but also to give you an opportunity to bring mindfulness into your classroom. This offer comes with age appropriate resources and a sampling of breathing exercises and meditations. If you’re looking for a new tool to help increase student engagement, consider using this app for brain breaks throughout the day.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Planboard screenshot

Planboard is a digital lesson planning tool that allows you to create and organize your lesson plans online. It offers features like drag-and-drop scheduling, curriculum alignment, and the ability to attach resources.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Evernote teacher screenshot

Evernote is a note-taking app that you can use to help capture ideas, organize lessons, and manage your classroom. To-do lists, digital notebooks, and a number of other tools can help you stay organized while also allowing for collaboration with colleagues.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


Nearpod screenshot

Looking for an app to create multimedia-rich lessons, including slides, videos, quizzes, and collaborative activities? Then Nearpod is here to help! This interactive presentation tool helps increase student engagement in the classroom with real-time feedback, assessment features, and student progress tracking.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices


EdPuzzle Screenshot

EdPuzzle is an interactive video platform that allows teachers to customize and enhance educational videos. You can add questions, quizzes, and notes to engage students and assess their comprehension.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices

Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo for teachers

Duolingo helps millions of people learn another language but their free school app can be a great addition to your classroom as well! Fun and personalized learning can gamify learning to keep students more engaged while also giving you visibility into student progress.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS Devices

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