Teach a Game Design Course with Kodable Creator

Teaching a game design course is an awesome way to introduce your students to the basics of programming and game development in a fun and engaging way! We know students love playing games so what better way to get them excited about learning than by having them build their own games? 

Game Designer Course

Our game designer course contains three lesson plans you can use with your students to have them go from fixing bugs in games to coding and sharing their own unique creations. 

Your first lesson

Kodable Creator Screenshot

Introduce Kodable Creator to your students either by using our Getting Started Presentation or this High Flyer Tutorial Video. Either resource will help your students understand the context of what Kodable Creator is and what their objectives are.

After introducing Kodable Creator to your class, have your students login and complete the High Flyer de-bugging tutorial. Your students will follow CatBot’s instructions to fix their game and make it work like a proper game!

Students need more of a challenge? After the de-bugging is complete, your students can try adding a score or an additional spawner to their game to make it even better.

Your second lesson

So your students have successfully completed their first coding challenge in Kodable Creator! What’s next? It’s time to take on your second de-bugging challenge: Run and Jump.

Demo the Run and Jump challenge to your students through a projector to help get them started. Then have your students log in to Kodable Creator to de-bug the Run and Jump game template.

Students need more of a challenge? Once the de-bugging is complete encourage your students to play a classmate's game or add an additional item to their game to make it more unique!

Your third lesson

Now we are rocking and rolling with game design! For your third lesson, have students share their favorite games and write down the answers on the board. Then with this inspiration, have your students design their own game using this planning page before coding it in Free Create.

Once your students have created their own game, have them share their game with their classmates and hand out these Junior Game Designer Certificates to your new game designer students!

Junior Game Designer Certification

Kodable Creator Resources

Use the links below to get access to these great resources to help teach your very own game design course!

Three Lesson Planner

Getting Started Presentation

High Flyer Tutorial Video

Free Create Planning Page

Junior Game Designer Certificate

Ready to get started? Create your own free Kodable teacher account today to bring this activity into your classroom!