Assign Elementary Coding Video Lessons

Class is now in session, which means it's time to start planning elementary coding video lessons and activities. If you're brand new to coding and wondering where to start, check out our Kodable Set Up Guide. Learn about K-2 Coding, how to set up a free Kodable account, and how to introduce coding into your classroom.  

If you're ready to dive into lessons, you've come to the right place! We will cover how to assign student videos and explore kickoff coding lessons your students will love. 

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How to Assign Student Videos 

Video lessons are a great way to share engaging content with students. However, finding organized and easy ways to get students the content you want them to learn can get overwhelming. We've organized easy ways for you to share the video lessons inside Kodable and on your favorite teaching platforms. 

Assign student videos inside Kodable 

Video assignments allow you to share a video directly with students, allowing them to log in to their profile and get to the lesson or activity with one easy click.

Video assignments with Kodable can be either an instructional concept video or an activity video. Concept videos teach students about one of the coding concepts taught in Kodable, while activity videos provide instruction and prompt students to complete an activity either in a specified area of the game or off-screen (unplugged). These can be seasonal or just for fun!

Learn how to assign student videos inside Kodable with our Student Video Assignments Support Article ->

Coding video lessons to assign to your elementary school students.

4 Ways to Assign Student Videos 

Sending your class a link to a video on YouTube sounds simple, but that's likely not all you want to send them, right? You may also wish to send learning goals, instructions, reflection questions, or independent work prompts simultaneously. 

Make it easy for students to access learning materials using some of the most popular teaching platforms. Check out how to assign elementary coding video lessons on Seesaw, Edpuzzle, and Google Forms with our step-by-step tutorials. 

Dive into assigning videos by reading How to Assign Video Lessons: 4 Easy Ways ->

Coding video lessons to assign to your elementary school students using popular teacher tools.

Assign Coding Missions 

Once you pick how you want to assign student videos, it's time for the fun part of choosing the lessons and activities you want to discover with your students.  Check out some of our most loved lessons and start learning coding basics with your class today.

Coding Mission #8: Beach Cleanup

Help the fuzzFamily rescue baby sea creatures by collecting 12 pieces of trash! Your class will use Sequence and determination on this coding mission. View Beach Cleanup ->

Mission #3: Make Mazes with Math

Your students will use math and coding skills to make their own maze. Once their creations are built, they'll then try to solve it. View Math Mazes ->

Mission #5: Fashionable Functions

Help a Fuzz get dressed using your creativity and Fuzz Builder. Once they've finished this coding mission, let them showoff their designs. View Fashionable Functions ->

Unplugged Coding: Fuzzy Fall Harvest

In this Fall-themed coding activity, learners will design a corn maze and code an algorithm that will tell the blueFuzz how to roll through to the finish. Download Now -> 

Coding Mission #9: Fuzz-tastic Halloween 

The fuzzFamily loves Halloween, and their favorite part is the costumes! In this Halloween lesson, YOU get a chance to dress up the fuzzFamily for trick-or-treating. Watch the Video ->

2021 STEM Holiday Calendar

You might not know that there are tons of barely-known holidays happening almost every day that you can use to add a spark to your classroom curriculum! We've created a FREE STEM Holiday Calendar available as a digital download.

Elementary coding video lessons are a fun and engaging way to teach your students how to code, make sure you share those moments with us on social media by tagging @Kodable on Instagram and Facebook.