Making the case for Kodable to be in your classroom budget

We know a lot of thought and planning goes into creating your dream classroom. Whether it’s art supplies, cleaning products, or games and gadgets, it can be tough to decide what to spend your classroom budget on. After running the numbers, you might even have to pay for some things out of your own pocket! 

We get it, and we’re here to help.

That’s why Kodable offers a free plan for teachers to help introduce students to the basics of programming in a fun and engaging way. But we also know that learning critical thinking skills is a process, not an outcome. That’s why Kodable Premium plans extend the learning experience from your classroom to your entire school with access for all teachers and students.

With budgeting for next year in full swing, we’ve pulled together some of the reasons why your school should increase their digital literacy next year by becoming a Kodable school!

Help students build a strong learning foundation

Continue the learning from one classroom to another with Kodable access for all teachers and students in your school. With school-wide Kodable access, students can return to Fuzztopia year after year to build a strong foundation of problem solving and creative thinking skills for the future.

Grab-and-go classroom activities

Kodable Premium plans come with 80+ independent, guided, and teacher-led activities. These easy-to-use activities help extend and reinforce key Kodable game learnings. Students love Kodable games, and now there are tons of connected learning activities your school can use outside of the game too.

Help your school become a STEM leader

Kodable Premium plans give schools a way for students to learn how to think like a programmer in an engaging way. In just a few minutes a day, kids can learn the fundamentals of computer science while also fostering important critical thinking skills.

But these learnings extend beyond just Kodable and also help students in subjects like math and science. Kodable can be the first step in helping your school be seen as an innovative STEM leader in your community.

See student outcomes in real-time

Reports in Kodable Premium plans let teachers and school administrators easily see usage, progress, and learning outcomes. With this insight, teachers can see and assist students who may need additional help.

Kodable reporting can also help schools easily share progress with parents to keep them up to date with the latest happenings in the classroom.

Let students easily bring classroom learning home

Parents looking for at home activities? Now they’ve got Kodable! Questions about keeping students learning over the summer? Have no fear - Kodable is here!

Help your students and your school by getting the most out of Kodable next school year. Get a quote today or download the PDF below to share with your administrators to help make the case for Kodable!

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