Year of Code Commitment | Coding for Elementary School Students

The world of elementary coding is booming with excitement and growing fast! Teachers all over the world are blazing the way by finding ways to add coding for elementary school students into their classrooms. And with the various academic and real world success coding provides to learners, it's easy to see why.

Why Teach Coding to Elementary Students?

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children develop valuable skills. Coding teaches kids to problem-solve using logical thinking, provides challenges that require them to use resilience, and gives them the freedom to be creative. All of those skills come together to help learners foster a growth mindset.

The skills learned through coding bridge their way into helping students excel in other subjects as well, including math and reading. And beyond academics, teachers like 1st grade teacher Melissa Moyer share stories of how coding has helped their students with communication and collaboration.

Oh and did we mention coding is tons of fun? It's much easier for us to show you instead than tell you….check out the videos below!

Being the fantastic teachers we know you all are, you no doubt want your students to be successful and have every opportunity possible. So, if you aren't already teaching coding in your classroom, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try it by taking the Year of Code Commitment with us!

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Make Your Year of Code Commitment 

This year, challenge yourself to try coding in your classroom! Or commit to digging a little deeper this year than you did last year. The goal is to get out of your comfort zone and model a growth mindset for your students.

Example Year of Code Commitments: "I will set up one coding app devices and introduce it as a free play option" or "I will include/assign 4 more coding lessons this year than I did last year."

How to Take Part

  1. Make a commitment - it can be public or private, but think of a goal you would like to achieve this year.   
  2. Share photos and videos on social media of your student's coding 
  3. Use the hashtag #kodableyearofcode and tag us @Kodable. We'd love to share what you're doing in your classroom to spark more teachers to give coding a try. 
  4. Enjoy and have fun

We've also created this super fun graphic for you to share on your social media so others know you've taken the Year of Code Commitment and to help spread the word. Just right click and save image!

Coding for elementary school students, Year of Code Commitment with Kodable.

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Get Started Coding for Elementary School Students

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