Teacher Training:
Breaking Down
K-2 Coding Basics

Enjoy this free webinar to learn all about K-2 coding basics. 
Explore the benefits of bringing coding into your classroom, and what coding means for a 5-7 year-old student.

Watch the Four Part Training Session

Explore the benefits of bringing computer science into your classroom. In this session you will learn K-2 coding basics:

  • Get to the bottom of what “coding” really means for a 5-7 year old
  • Discover the benefits of coding with K-2 students
  • Review the difference between coding, computer science, makerspaces, and other  STEM buzzwords to see what works best for your unique students
  • Learn how to ask questions and get ideas from other elementary coding teachers

Part 1: What is "Coding" in Elementary?

What is coding in K-2? This quick video will describe coding in elementary and what it means for an elementary student.

Resources For your first Coding Lesson

Unplugged Coding Activities

20+ projects that teach real coding concepts while emphasizing computer science mindsets.

How to Teach Coding with PBL

Maddie from @EdTechClassroom shares how she uses project based learning to teach coding.

Kodable Hour of Code Activities

Join the Hour of Code with these free Kodable Activities ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Holiday Coding Videos

Videos to tie in with major holidays and subjects like Math, ELA, and Science.

Teach Coding in Reading Centers

First grade teacher, Melissa Moyers used Kodable in reading centers.

Free Play Coding in First Grade

Teacher Lynda Chase decided to start with coding as a free-play option for her first year.

More Training Sessions

Tracking and Measuring K-2 Coding Progress

Review how coding aligns with academic standards and how to use creative projects as formative and summative evaluation tools.

November 2, 12 pm ET/9am PT

Why wait? Start teaching your students to code Now

Kodable includes everything you need to teach coding
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