Teacher Training:
"How to Track and Measure K-2 coding progress"

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Review how to use creative projects as formative and summative evaluation tools. In these session you will:
  • Hear how coding aligns with CSTA and common core standards
  • Discover how creative coding and project-based learning can be used as tools for formative and summative evaluation
  • Gain tips for “pitching” an early elementary program to parents and administrators based on learning outcomes
How does coding align with standards?

Part 1: What K-2 Coding Standards Should You Use?

Learn how elementary education standards and teaching coding go together! We'll explore CSTA, ISTE, & Common Core, discussing how you can work them into your classroom.
How to access K-2 coding

Part 2: K-2 Coding Assessment Methods

Learn all about how to access student coding in your classroom in this quick video. We'll share examples for you to try- let us know what works best for you by commenting below!
Authentic assessment with project based learning

Part 3: Project-Based Learning for Authentic Assessment

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching approach in which students engage in and learn through authentic, meaningful projects. Rather than doing a summative project at the end of a unit, project-based learning embeds projects and instruction together.
How to share student coding progress

Part 4: How to Showcase K-2 Coding Progress

Explore some awesome examples of how to showcase student growth and highlight the skills that kids have gained while learning coding. We bet parents, co-workers, and administration will love it!

Discover how to Measure Coding progress

Creative Coding
Demonstrate students' self expression, creativity, and other skills that are harder to "test".
Share with Families
We'll discuss ways to show to hard work including maker faires, arcade days, school events that engage families.
Align with Standards
Hear how coding aligns with ISTE, CSTA, and common core standards, and find out about other resources.
Share with Admins
How to share and showcase student coding progress with an admin to help them understand the value it brings.
Project-Based Learning
Learn why projects are effective measurement tools and how to implement them for evaluation in your class.
Evaluating Yourself
Think about how you have grown as an educator, and imagine where you can go next! 

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