Teacher Training
"Coding in Action: How and Where to Start"

Join Us: August 3rd, 12 PM ET/9 AM PT

In this free coding teacher training webinar, discover how you can start a coding program with your students this school year!

There’s no better time than the present!

Discover how you can start a coding program with your students this school year! In this session you will:

  • Understand the steps to choosing a coding platform
  • Discover the “right” way to introduce coding to young students
  • See examples of K-2 coding programs from a variety of use cases, including structured lessons, stations/centers, free choice, and the Hour of Code
  • Gain insights into how coding can be integrated with other subjects like math and ELA

Practical tips and Guidance

Equipment Requirements

Take stock of what you have and we'll talk about ways to work with what's there already.

Setting and Lesson Style

There’s no one right way to teach coding, but we do have some recommendations.

Integrating with Other Subjects

See some examples of how you can include Math, ELA and Science integrations.

Real World Connections

We'll discuss projects that encourage students to draw on their real world experiences.

Choosing a Platform

There are some excellent resources you can use to teach coding. We'll give you a checklist to help you decide.

Fit to Your Schedule

Find the lesson style that works for you. It does not need to be a set number of minutes.

Why wait? Start teaching your students to code Now

Kodable includes everything you need to teach coding
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