Kodable for Everyone: we're on our way!

We recently announced Kodable for Everyone to raise awareness for the power computer science can have in a child's life. Our goal is to rally as many contributors as we can to bring computer science education to schools in need. So far, we've been blown away by the response.

In the past two weeks, we've raised $12,587 to fund Kodable for schools in underserved communities.

We've had dozens of schools of apply to our sponsorship program and we're thrilled to introduce you to our first three Kodable for Everyone sponsored schools!

Skyline Futuristic West African Academy

Skyline Futuristic West African Academy, led by Increase Okechukwu Divine-Wisdom, is an exciting addition to the Kodable community. The first completely paperless elementary school in West Africa, Skyline Academy relies completely on digital learning.

What makes Skyline a standout school is their emphasis on using technology to collaborate around problem-solving. Mr. Divine-Wisdom's long-term goal is to see his students become people who can integrate technology into their community and personal lives to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With CS education, students from Skyline Academy will be able to find efficient and sustainable approaches to improving their community.

Grandview Elementary

Grandview Elementary is a diverse K-5 public school in Michigan. Grandview's goal is for all students to have access to CS education and coding as a way to build 21st-century skills.

Lisa Piontek, Grandview's technology teacher, hopes integrating the Kodable curriculum will foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills in her students. She hopes coding will engage students in a way that pushes them forward and will encourage students to continue learning and gain opportunities beyond elementary school.

Bangor Central

Bangor Central's technology program is rooted in big ideas that encourage students to good for others. Turning adversity into triumph, Bangor has come together to support fellow students and community members by using critical thinking, problem-solving, and technology to yield big results.

Technology teacher Janel Caverley is spread among 3 elementary schools in the district to ensure that all students have access to technology. With limited technology funding, Janel has written grants and collaborated with community volunteers to provide opportunities for students that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

A school described as "full of love", Bangor Central is all about diving in and taking risks. Kodable will add to this incredible school community by giving students concrete programming skills to further their ideas and continue to impact their community in positive ways.

We are so excited to see how our newest Kodable schools progress and continue to add to our growing list of sponsored schools! If you're interested in donating or applying, we want to hear from you!