Computer Science has the power to bring over 16 million students out of poverty, yet so many of their schools don't have the resources to provide the needed curriculum.

We're giving back

Are you using CS to benefit your students?

We're currently selecting 20 schools in need that will be gifted with a year of our Full Curriculum Site License. There is a special focus on schools with financial hardship, large ESL student populations, a large percentage of students on free or reduced lunch, or similar. We’re looking to help schools with a passion for STEM and Computer Science as an innovative way to improve the lives of their students.

Selected Schools will receive

One year of no-strings-attached access to the Kodable Full Curriculum Site License (valued at $2,700). This includes 40+ weeks of scripted lesson plans that include everything a school needs to teach students to code.

A note from the founders

One of the reasons we founded Kodable was because we believe in the ability of technology to help change the world for the better. Never before has something existed that allows people to create so much value with so little personal resources.

Computer Science Education gives anyone, anywhere, the ability to harness that power to change the world, to better the lives of themselves and those around them, regardless of where they are or how much money they have.

We've been blown away by the success of Kodable in the past few years, and Kodable for Everyone is our chance to give back. We want to give this opportunity to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. The biggest change in the world could be made by someone who hasn't been given the chance to learn how to do it.

This gives them that chance.

Grechen and Jon