We're giving Computer Science to 100 schools


Computer Science has the power to bring over 16 million students out of poverty, yet so many of their schools don't have the resources to provide the needed curriculum.

How can you help?

We've created two exclusive fuzzes to raise money for computer science. For every $1000 raised, we’ll donate Kodable to a school. Help us provide programming for kids around the world

With your sponsorship:

Receive BRAND NEW Kodable Fuzzes – adaFuzz and turingFuzz. These commemorate two iconic figures in computer science – Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing.

We're Doing Our Part


Parent Proceeds

Kodable will donate 30% of proceeds from every Parent Purchase toward one year of Kodable for an underserved school.

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1:1 Matching

For every school that purchases Kodable, we will donate a year of Kodable to an underserved school.

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Are you using CS to benefit your students?

We will be selecting schools as we meet each $1,000 milestone. Schools with financial hardship, large ESL student populations, or a focus on inquiry goals will be highly considered. We’re looking to help schools with a passion for STEM and Computer Science as an innovative way to improve the lives of their students.

Selected schools will recieve:

One year of the Kodable K-5 Computer Science Curriculum with 42 weeks of scripted lesson plans that include everything they need to teach students to code. They will have access for all their students and teachers with standards based assessment and reporting.

Due to the overwhelming response, applications to Kodable for Everyone are currently closed.