How to Join the Hour Of Code with Kodable

Updated 10/30/20

Huzzah! Our favorite time of year is here again! We love participating in the Hour of Code each year because it gives kids the chance to try coding for one hour, something many of them have never done before!

If this is your first time doing the Hour of Code with Kodable or if it is your 5th, we welcome you! Here are some tips and resources for you this year!

Here are 5 easy ways to join the Hour of Code with Kodable

1. Watch This Short Video

Here's everything you need to know in under 4 minutes!

Are your students participating virtually in the Hour of Code? Print and share our participation guide for easy how-to participate directions!

Print the Student Participation Guide

2. Pick an Hour of Code Tutorial

There are over 20 Kodable Tutorials to choose from ranging from unplugged worksheets, to advanced coding for K-5 students! You can read about four of our favorites here.

Intro to Programming for Beginners

This self-guided tutorial gives students their first glimpse of learning to code. Perfect for pre-readers and upper elementary aged children alike!

Pre-reader hour of Code tutorial

View the "Intro to Programming" Tutorial

Unplugged Coding Basics

These simple, self-guided worksheets can be printed to acompany a lesson in the classroom or sent home with students to complete for virtual learning. Each packet is grade level appropriate and includes instructions on each page.

unplugged hour of Code tutorial

View the "Unplugged Coding Basics" Tutorial

3. Get Students Logged In

Before you begin, download Kodable on the iPad iOS App Store or have students play online by going to the selected tutorial in the web browser.

login to the hour of code

From there there are two options to log students in:

Login with a class code using the "School Profile" option. This will only work if you set your class up ahead of time.


Choose the "Play Without Saving" option to play Kodable anonymously. This does not require that you set up a class ahead of time.

NOTE: Students who go login from the tutorial web page will automatically be directed to the correct tutorial in the game. If you're playing on an iPad, you'll need to have students select the Hour of Code building on Fuzztopia and then select the correct tutorial.

4. Track Student Progress

Creating a free teacher account in Kodable allows you to enter your class roster, and gives your class a unique class code to login to Kodable.

This option is best if you plan to continue with Kodable after the Hour of Code is over.

Get a free teacher account

5. Have fun!

If this is your first time doing the Hour of Code, don't let it be your last. Keep learning and growing each year. No programming experience is required, just do your best and enjoy the magic of watching your students learn to code!

Share your Hour of Code experience! Tag us using #Kodable or @Kodable with photos of your students learning to code this year!