Crazy Costume Challenge Winners

Students from all around the world entered thousands of costume designs. We're grateful for all the Kodable kiddos who showed such creativity and imagination. You inspired us!

It was difficult, but we chose 100 student designs that showed top notch originality, imagination, and humor in their artwork. We made selections on three criteria:

  • Idea originality
  • Design execution
  • Our ability to represent the design digitally

We can not wait to start putting these beautiful costumes into Kodable. Our design team is already hard at work! We will use part or all of the items pictured on each fuzz and turn it into a costume item to add to Kodable.

You'll start seeing them in the Fuzztopia Store soon. Kids will be able to build their own version of each of the fuzzes pictured below.

Kodable Crazy Costume Winners 2020