Empowering Students

Crazy Costume Challenge Winners
March 9, 2020
Students from all around the world entered thousands of costume designs. We're grateful for all the Kodable kiddos who showed such creativity and imagination. You inspired us!
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Making Kodable Colorblind Accessible
August 20, 2018
Kodable is a great way for even the youngest kids to learn programming skills because we use elements such as numbers and colors instead of complicated syntax and code.
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4 Tips to Encourage Summer Programming
May 10, 2017
The school year is winding down, but that doesn't mean the learning has to. Kids who continue learning through the summer see learning benefits for up to two years afterward. You can help your students continue to grow as learners by...
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Let's Give Computer Science to 100 Schools!
March 22, 2017
At Kodable, we believe in the power of computer science. Not only the ability it gives students to be successful in the world, but in the power it has to change the world. Computer Science is a truly transformative subject.
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Our perspective on "The Gender Gap"
February 13, 2017
Recently, we announced our Elementary Computer Science Standards, and I made the following statement:More girls are not going to be encouraged to code just from a game. Without the instruction and encouragement of a teacher, students...
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12 Questions on Coding and Startups at Kodable
February 7, 2017
A couple months ago, one of our longest-tenured Kodable users sent me an email for a student in her class. She wanted to learn more about computer science, problem solving, and startups, and had a few questions she wanted to ask me.
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Introducing Elementary Computer Science Standards!
January 24, 2017
When coding was first introduced a few years ago, a self-driven, easy to use game was necessary. It needed to be introduced in a quick way for teachers without any previous CS knowledge to be able to fit it into their lessons.
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Build Classroom Community with Coding Team Builders!
August 23, 2016
Back to school means old faces, new faces, and getting to know each other in a new classroom community. We know fostering collaboration and building an emotionally supportive environment positively impacts academic achievement.
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Code your Back to School Procedures!
August 16, 2016
An elementary classroom without clear procedures for daily routines means chaos. As you head back to school and get your classroom operating like a well-oiled machine, consider including some coding concepts to make it fun.
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Social Emotional Learning via Digital Citizenship Lessons
May 27, 2016
The most important lessons we learn in life center around social-emotional learning and becoming safe, responsible, and respectful adults. As 21st century citizens and learners, it has become essential for schools to teach social skills.
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Metacognition and Computer Science
April 22, 2016
We’ve all been there. I was standing in front of my 30 fourth graders, modeling a multi-step equation involving fractions and decimals. Talking through the problem, I didn’t even catch myself misplacing my decimal point in the solution.
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Teacher of the Week: Kaye Rueschhoff
October 22, 2015
Inspired by parents who were teachers, 21 year teaching veteran Kaye Rueschhoff has worked relentlessly to bring herself up to speed in the constantly evolving digital world.
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Teacher of the Week: Melika Panneri
October 15, 2015
Our Teacher of the Week caught our eye in a news feature on the amazing work that she's doing for The Wilson School. We were lucky enough to catch up with Melika Panneri.
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McKinna Elementary: Anne Jenks and Letty Batista
October 8, 2015
This week's feature is an example of how collaboration and teamwork can set the tone for innovation and success. We are honored to introduce you to Principal Anne Jenks and Kindergarten teacher Letty Batista.
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Teacher of the Week: Polly Meissner
September 24, 2015
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Measuring Coding Progress: 5 Ways to Check for Understanding
September 18, 2015
Teachers are constantly required to gauge student learning and report on student progress. To do this, we confer with students, do whole group checks throughout lessons, and constantly assess student learning formally and informally.
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Teacher of the Week: Episode 3
September 17, 2015
As a student, what I loved most about school was knowing I was loved and appreciated by my teachers. The experiences I had being cared for as a person by my own teachers shaped the way I interacted with my students when I became a teacher.
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