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Women in STEM | Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
February 25, 2021
Let's talk about women in STEM! First, did you know that one of history's first computer programmers was a woman? Secondly that she was responsible for creating the first algorithm.
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Valentine's Day Sequence Activity: Maze Maker Coding Mission
February 1, 2021
Love is in the air! Do your kids want to help blueFuzz follow hints and create a Valentine's Day themed maze for his fuzzFamily members? For the Valentine's Day Sequence Activity all you need is Kodable and some heart!
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February STEM Holidays 2021 to Celebrate with Kids
February 1, 2021
Are you looking for ways to combine learning and fun into your kid's education? Whether you're a teacher or a parent looking for ways to integrate more STEM learning and activities, we've got just the thing for you!
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2021 STEM Holiday Calendar: Special STEM Edition!
December 22, 2020
3, 2, 1...are you ready for a new year? New lesson plans? Some computer science fun? Get ready with the 2021 STEM Holiday Calendar you've been searching for!
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Sequence Baking Activity | Kids Coding Cookies
December 18, 2020
Are you craving something sweet? Take a bite out of the elementary sequence baking activity that teaches your kids about the computer programming concept, Sequence, while they're making colorful Fuzz cookies.
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How To Make Coding Fun for Kids
December 11, 2020
Making coding fun for kids is all about finding what inspires them. Kids find inspiration in everything, and the next story is a great example of it.
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STEM Activities for Kids Inspired by Picture Books
December 9, 2020
Who doesn't love a picture book? Regardless of your age, we're pretty sure that answer is yes! Which makes these STEM activities for kids the perfect learning-based project for your students and you!
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How to Teach Game Design in Kindergarten
December 4, 2020
Playing games can help improve children's abilities to plan, organize, get along with others, and regulate emotions. In addition, play also helps with language development, math, and social skills.
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11 Essential Hour of Code Videos to Inspire your Students
December 2, 2020
It's the most wonderful time of the year; the Hour of Code is here! If you haven't already heard, The Hour of Code is a global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science.
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Developing Problem-Solving Skills for Kids | Strategies & Tips
November 30, 2020
We've made teaching problem-solving skills for kids a whole lot easier! Keep reading and comment below with any other tips you have for your classroom!
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Virtual Assessments for Elementary Students | 2020's Top Tips
November 20, 2020
The past year has brought a whole new style of teaching to the classroom- hello remote learning and virtual assessments for elementary students!
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The Best Unplugged Sequence Activity for Fall
November 18, 2020
This unplugged sequence activity is the next best thing to visiting the pumpkin patch in person!There’s a corn maze in Fuzztopia and blueFuzz wants to explore, but he’s nervous he’ll get lost!
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Unplugged Coding Activities | The Ultimate Guide for Elementary
November 13, 2020
Your Ultimate Guide for Elementary Unplugged Coding Activities includes 20+ projects that teach real coding concepts while emphasizing computer science mindsets - all with minimal prep and zero tech devices required.
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3 Ways to Increase Student Engagement During Distance Learning
November 12, 2020
Getting elementary students engaged during distance learning can be hard. Keeping them engaged is even harder. We know classroom motivation may be low right now, so we're here to help you increase student engagement!
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Hour of Code 2020: 15 Tips From Real Teachers
November 10, 2020
The 'Hour of Code' 2020 is a worldwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.
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Halloween Lesson: Fuzz-tastic Costume Mission
October 26, 2020
The fuzzFamily loves Halloween, their favorite part is the costumes. In this Halloween lesson, YOUR kids will get a chance to dress up the fuzzFamily for trick-or-treating!
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How to Assign Video Lessons: 4 Easy Ways
October 19, 2020
Whether you are teaching virtually, face-to-face, or in a hybrid model, video lessons are a great way to share engaging content with students.
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How to Start Remote Learning, from a Kindergarten Teacher
August 31, 2020
When the pandemic started in March, Debbie Cretella shared her plan to start remote learning with Kindergarteners. This week, I checked in with Ms. Cretella to see how she's preparing for school and her suggestions on remote learning.
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