What are Loops?

In coding, a Loop is a command used to repeat a part of code until the desired process is complete. To help kids understand how to code with Loops, watch Kodable's kids coding concept video. It's a fast and engaging way to help your elementary students learn why Loops are essential in computer programming and how Loops are used while they're playing Kodable. When your kids are ready to start coding, have them sign into Kodable and put their skills to work with elementary coding activities and challenges. As they move through Kodable, they'll encounter more computer science fundamentals. But don't worry, Kodable's helpful videos are here to help you every step of the way if needed! Kids' coding curriculum has never been more fun and more educational. Sign up for your free teacher account today and start teaching computer programming in your classroom. Don't forget to check out the rest of Kodable's free coding tools, resources, and features to get the most out of teaching coding. With helpful videos, tips on our blog, coding activities posted to our YouTube Channel, and all the amazing features on your Kodable teacher dashboard- teaching coding will be a breeze! Share your students learning Loops with us on social media by tagging @Kodable!