String Variables Teacher Overview

Not sure what String Variables are in coding? That's okay. Kodable is here to help! This String Variables Teacher Overview explains String Variables and how they are used in programming. Strings are variables used to represent text. Strings make it easier for programmers to read and to work with groups of characters. Are you looking for an easy way to explain what String Variables in coding are to your students? We've created coding concept videos to help you introduce coding easily. to elementary students. These videos are a great way to make sure students understand coding concepts when playing Kodable and are great for starting a classroom conversation! Kodable is here to help you teach coding to elementary students in a way your students will enjoy! But we've also created an elementary coding curriculum that helps teachers along the way. With free coding lesson plans for kids, kids coding activities, and easy ways to connect lessons to playing Kodable, you'll have a blast setting your students up for a successful future in the 21st Century. Sign up for your Free Kodable teacher account today and get your free elementary coding curriculum started! Happy coding, everyone!