Meet the Kodable fuzzFamily

Who are the Fuzzes, you ask? In this Meet the Kodable fuzzFamily video, you'll get an introduction to the Kodable fuzzFamily! The Fuzzes are furry aliens! The Fuzzes are a species of naturally curious creatures that thrive on knowledge and are extremely curious. Kodable's elementary coding curriculum features tons of Fuzzes. Do your students have a favorite?! What makes your student's favorite Fuzz their favorite? Is it their color? Their abilities? Can they think of more characters from a book or a show that they loved? Students can take the things they love and build their OWN members of the fuzzFamily using Fuze Builder. This Fuzz can have the features of their favorite heroes, characters, or maybe just vision from their imagination. Maybe their new favorite Fuzz will be the one they make! Now it's time to take your Fuzz on adventures. Your students will practice nine computer science concepts as they explore the universe and help the Fuzzes on their missions through Smeeborg, Asterodia, and Bug World! If you're looking for more Fuzz-friendly activities, discover free creative coding activities and challenges that empower students to create instead of just consume. Students can create games, mazes, Fuzzes, and more using basic coding concepts and real JavaScript. Make sure you're following Kodable on Youtube and subscribed to the Kodable Blog to stay up to date on new elementary coding activities with the Fuzzes.