Meet the Fuzz Family

In the award-winning Kodable game, students will practice nine computer science concepts as they explore the universe of the cute fuzzy aliens known as the Fuzzes. Share this video with your students as the perfect way to introduce them to their coding journey. While playing Kodable, students will work and help the Fuzzes along the way. In this video, students meet the fuzzFamily of Kodable! They will learn who the characters are, why they are exploring the universe, and how we can use coding to help them on their journey. If you haven't already, register for your free teacher account with Kodable to start teaching coding in your classroom and help the fuzzFamily. You'll have access to: Starter kit of coding lessons and games No time limit - Use as long as you need! Access to the Kodable Lesson Library The ability to create in JavaScript and Swift Unlimited student licenses- get all your students coding! If you can't get enough of the Fuzzes, make sure to check out Kodable's coding missions. Students will complete missions using different coding languages using in-game and free coding printables.