Loops Teacher Overview

Let's talk Loops when it comes to computer programming In the Loops Teacher Overview video, we will break down coding Loops and explain this programming concept with examples and applications. Loops are used to repeat a portion of code a set number of times until a process is complete. What's the point of Loops? This coding concept saves time and minimizes errors! Kodable has made teaching computer science to your elementary students easy! When you're ready to teach coding Loops to your class, Kodable has created free elementary coding videos. These free kids' coding videos explain and teach coding concepts in a fun, easy, and relatable way! From there, let your students explore using coding and Loops in action by playing Kodable. Teaching computer science in elementary schools gets your students prepared for the future! Learning about computer programming, coding, and technology is a given, but they will also focus on problem-solving, math, ELA, and much more. Are you ready to teach coding in elementary school? It's easier than you think! With Kodable's free elementary computer curriculum your students will learn and implement everything from computer programming basics to writing real JavaScript. Give them the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workforce by teaching coding to elementary students today.