Learn How Kodable Works

Welcome to Kodable! Where it's easy for any elementary school teacher to bring coding into the classroom. In this video, you will learn about the Kodable games, teacher dashboard, and how to use Kodable's elementary coding curriculum with your students. Kodable's coding curriculum provides teachers the tools they need to teach computer programming lessons without having any coding experience! Our scripted lesson plans are designed for beginner teachers, so you can follow along or use them as a guide to combine with your own coding curriculum. Each learning unit comes along with teacher materials and a quick video explaining the new coding concept and on-screen examples, so you know precisely what your students will be practicing when playing Kodable. Progress tracking makes it easy to monitor where students are or where some students could need extra help. You can also adjust the pacing for individual classes! Kodable gives you, the teacher, everything you need to learn, teach, and manage your students' coding journey. Kodable gives your students everything they need to learn coding in a fun, educational, easy to follow learn-to-code app. Sign up for your free teacher account today and start teaching coding in your classroom! Welcome to the elementary coding program that will change how you see coding!