How to Play: Beach Cleanup with Kodable (Hard)

Welcome to Beach Cleanup with Kodable! In this kids coding challenge, your students will help the Fuzzes clean up the beaches on Fuzztopia. But how? Students will use their computer programming skills like Functions to recycle all the trash on the beach. This will help the baby seals, turtles, and penguins that live there to have a clean environment! In this video, your students will learn about coding with Functions. But there's more! They will also learn why it is essential for us to keep our beaches clean and how we can help our underwater friends. Next, they'll learn the steps they need to take to complete their free elementary coding lesson The ''Hour of Code'' is a worldwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming. Participating in the Hour of Code means doing a one-hour computer science activity. It's for all learners, all ages, and can be done in school or at home - no coding experience needed. Join us in the Hour of Code and Kodable Beach Cleanup excitement by creating your free Kodable teacher account to play for free and save your student's progress.