Fuzzy Fall Harvest | Unplugged Coding Activity

Want a Sequence coding activity for your elementary students? With no computer needed, the Fuzzy Fall Harvest unplugged coding activity can be done by anyone from anywhere! Learners will design a corn maze and code a Sequence to tell Blue Fuzz how to roll through to the Fall harvest items and exit through the finish line. We've even added some fun decorations so you can individualize your designs! Creators can complete the maze on their own or share their mazes with family and classmates to complete. If you're new to coding, teaching Sequence is the perfect place to start. And if your kids have some coding under their belts, this Sequence coding activity is the perfect engaging practice activity. It allows you to give kids a break from the screen while still learning to code, the opportunity to get creative, and to collaborate. Did we mention it's perfect for the classroom or for virtual learning at home! Teaching coding in K-5th grade (and hopefully beyond) allows you to get your students prepared for the future. With technology as an integrated part of everyday life, your students will have the STEM skills needed to thrive in multiple careers. Explore the world of Kodable and get your students coding today by signing up for your free Kodable account. Download the Fuzzy Fall Harvest coding Sequence activity worksheet here. --> https://bit.ly/3lGrFVr