Functions Teacher Overview

A Function is a sequence of commands that can be reused together later in a computer program. Functions help computer programmers avoid repeating the same commands again and again. Check out Kodable's Function Teacher Overview video to learn about coding Functions and why they are essential for computer programming! If you're looking to introduce Functions in coding to your students, we've created fun and kid-friendly concept videos. These videos will help explain coding concepts like Functions to your students while helping them understand how Functions are using in the Kodable game. And make sure to watch Kodable's other coding concept videos for teachers and students to help you teach coding in elementary school! Kodable also offers free unplugged coding worksheets, coding activities, coding lesson plans so your students can apply what they've learned. Take your students from computer programming basics to writing Javascript with Kodable's learn-to-code app! Sign up for your free teacher account today to start teaching coding in elementary school and get access to everything Kodable has to offer. Don't forget to tag us on social media @Kodable so we can see all the fun you're having in your classroom.