Conditions Teacher Overview

It's time to learn about Conditions in coding and how they are used in computer programming! Conditions are basic "if, then" logic statements that modify how code is executed. Conditions are a vital part of the decision-making process for computers. In our Conditions Teacher Overview video, you will learn all about coding Conditions so you can easily understand this coding concept. After watching and now that you feel confident with the Conditions coding concept, you can share Kodable's kid-friendly Conditions video with your class! But of course, the best way to learn is to put it into action. Sign up for your free teacher account with Kodable and allow your students to explore the world of coding and master Conditions. You'll also discover coding mission, free unplugged activities, and a world of resources created by real teachers that help you teach computer programming and coding. Exciting, right?! Kodable is trusted by over 50% of US Elementary Schools, and our team is here to help you along with your teaching coding journey! Help your students prepare for the future and get started in coding today! Don't forget to check out our other coding concept videos, Youtube channel, and social media so you can see Kodable in action!