Back to School & Remote Learning Webinar 2020

In our Back to School and Remote Learning Webinar 2020, we cover all the significant updates we made over the summer, as well as some of the basics you'll need to get started teach coding in elementary school this year, including remote login tools. We're excited to help you introduce or continue to teach computer programming in your classroom. Regardless of your teaching situation, Kodable has developed the tools and resources to keep your in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning coding going strong! If you're new to Kodable, this video is the perfect place to learn all of the features Kodable has to offer for your classroom. With Kodable's interactive coding lessons, detailed teaching coding curriculum, and creative coding activities- you and your students are sure to thrive in coding! Sign up for your free teacher account today to get started, and stay up to date with all our events, features, and everything Kodable related so you can join us for our next webinar! Are you looking for a specific topic? Here is a helpful timestamp of our Back to School and Remote Learning Webinar 2020. (3:35), Remote teaching tools (8:13), How to set up one or many classes (17:28), Instructional tools and tips for each grade (24:25), Logging in and playing as a student (34:44), Audience Q&A (42:38).