Array Variables Teacher Overview

What are Arrays in coding? When teaching coding in K-5th grade, that's a great question! An Array is an ordered list of related Variables that includes both Strings and Integers. Arrays make storing and finding values easier and efficient! Take a look at this Array Variables Teacher Overview video to learn all about Arrays in computer programming. Need an easy way to teach Arrays to your students? Our elementary coding curriculum includes videos just like this one made for kids! These videos are a quick and ideal tool to help your students learn and master coding. Show your students these videos before playing Kodable or during as a way to start a classroom discussion. Teaching coding to elementary kids is what Kodable does best, and we're here to help you feel confident when doing so. We've creating coding concept videos, coding lesson plans, and an excellent free learn-to-code program that will get your students learning, coding, and creating in no time! Sign up for your free teacher account to access everything Kodable today. If you're looking for computer science resources, tips, or maybe just some fun- check out our Kodable Blog!