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Guide learning with clear objectives

The Kodable Scope and Sequence ensures students learn the foundations of programming languages, as well as soft skills and the 4C's. Guide student learning with a focus on outcomes you and your district want to see.

  • Teach CCSS with coding
  • Cover key programming standards
  • Meet district coding and STEM goals
  • Demonstrate value with qualitative exit tickets and assessment tools

I am for the new lesson plans offered in the classrooms. They seem absolutely perfect for Kindergarten and I love that I will actually have some guidance to understanding and knowing how to teach coding! So stoked!

What is included?

Try Kodable for free to see if it fits your needs. Upgrade your programming curriculum when you're ready.

Unlimited Students
8 weeks of scripted lessons + student activities
Access on any device
Informal assessment tools built into the lessons
Quantitative assessment tools
Complete K-5 Curriculum (42 weeks) School Plan
Admin access to link and manage teacher accounts School Plan
Professional Development School Plan
Tailored integration assistance School Plan
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