K-2 Computer Science Teacher Training

Join us for a computer science teacher training focused on helping you get started teaching coding to your K-2 students. We’ll cover everything you need to know!
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Child and mother programming together

Beginner Basics

What exactly is coding and how do you teach it to pre-readers? Learn all the basics and more.

Cover Standards

Learn to cover important learning standards and integrate topics you're already teaching.

Common Questions

Break down common  myths and misconceptions about teaching coding.

Recorded Sessions

Kids playing Kodable on laptops

Breaking Down K-2 Coding

Explore the benefits of bringing coding into your K-2 classroom. In this session, we will cover what coding means for a 5-7 year-old student and break down all the STEM jargon.
Girl playing coding game on ipad

Coding In Action: How and Where To Start

Discover how you can start a coding program with your students this school year! We’ll cover how to choose the right platform, introducing to students, setting up your classroom and more.
Kid doing project

Tracking and Measuring k-2 Coding Progress

Review how coding aligns with academic standards and how to use creative projects as formative and summative evaluation tools.
Group of kids playing Kodable programming game on tablet

“Coding is a combination of self-exploration in centers and guided lessons. I plan to continue to develop the program in my classroom.”

Lynda Chase, 1st Grade Teacher