Help your school learn computer science

1 star


Great for first time exposure and building knowledge


Starter kit of lesson plans and videos to introduce each concept.

  • Introductory lessons
  • Independent and guided activities
  • Unlimited access to creative games
  • Teacher guides for every course
  • Over 20 video lessons
  • Create in Javascript and Swift
  • Math and ELA activities and projects
  • Pre-reader friendly
  • Add unlimited classes & students
  • No expiration date -- use as long as you want!
2 stars


Level up with complete game access and essential teaching tools


For 400 students or less.

Everything included in Kickstart Plan, plus:

  • Access to all student game content
  • Progress and usage reports
  • Admin account for teacher and class management
  • Kodable Pro membership access at home
  • Management tools for at home play
  • Management tools for creative content
  • Priority support via phone or video chat
  • Assignment management
3 stars


Powerful teaching features and extended curriculum


For unlimited students.

Everything included in Premium Plan, plus:

  • 80+ lesson plans
  • Multi-day projects
  • Clever secure sync
  • Live product demo for your site
  • Kodable Academy: Grab and go PD sessions
  • A personal account manager for your site

Learn about the features

Beginner Concepts

Includes the five most foundational CS concepts, the building blocks of every programming language: Sequence, Conditions, Loops, Functions, and Debugging.

JavaScript Curriculum

JavaScript is the programming language of the web. Prepare your students to write REAL code by middle school with our Introductory Curriculum.

Supplemental Units

Robotics, ELA, Math, and more! Get access to lessons that help teach concepts important to a well-rounded CS education.

Game Content

The award-winning Kodable game, where students can practice nine computer science concepts and explore the universe of the cute fuzzy aliens known as the Fuzzes.

Creative Content

Challenge and empower students to create instead of just consume. Students can create games, mazes, Fuzzes and more - most using REAL JavaScript code.

Group of kids playing Kodable programming game on tablet

“I found that coding in the classroom has helped to strengthen my students’ ability to problem solve, but more importantly, to collaborate with one another effectively…”

Melissa Moyers, 2nd Grade Teacher, Harrisburg, VA