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Why Kids Kodable

Drag and Drop Code Screenshot

Drag and drop programming

Custom Fuzz Example

Create Characters

Custom Level Editor Badge

Build Levels

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Transition into real code

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Critical Thinking

Learn foundational skills that are part of every programming language. Symbol based code makes it easy for pre-readers and new coders alike. Solve puzzles to help the fuzzFamily roll through the world of Smeeborg.

Asteroidia Game Icon


Cause & Effect

Begin your introduction to variables and data types. Learn to problem solve in a sequential fashion as you journey into the galaxy and navigate the asteroid field of Asteroidia.

Bug World Game Icon

Bug World

JavaScript / Swift

Easily transition from symbol based code to written code in JavaScript or Swift. Learn about Object-Oriented Programming languages while you battle the Slimes of Bug World.

Maze Maker Icon

Maze Maker


Practice foundational skills from every programming language as you create beautiful mazes to share with family. New skills and options unlock as you master new concepts.

Fuzz Builder Icon

Build Your Own Fuzz


Use creativity and imagination to practice your coding skills building your very own Fuzzes. Unlock hundreds of costume combinations as you explore Kodable.

Game Designer Icon

Game Designer

JavaScript / Swift
Iterative Design

Become a master game designer! Design games by modifying properties of their code. Make your games easier or harder by modifying properties unlocked as you play.

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Skip Cartoons, Write Code

My 5th grade daughter has been coding for 2 years and loves it. My 7 year old daughter has recently expressed interest as well. We attended STEM night at their school and Kodable was the program that the instructor recommended. She loved it immediately and can't get enough!

Instead of asking to watch Netflix, she's asking to code.

— Bree H, Bellvue, WA

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Recommended by Experts in Education

Kodable builds a strong foundation

Learn the basics of every language

Smeeborg introduces kids to the foundational concepts used in every programming language. These concepts include algorithms, conditions, loops, and functions.

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Language immersion for kids

Explore JavaScript and Swift with ease in the Kid Optimized Developer Environment found only in Kodable. Kids will be free to explore programming without the common difficulties that often cause kids to stop coding early on. Focusing only on the content that matters helps kids foster a love for coding that will cary them forward as they grow.

Explore code for the first time

Kids learn to code in a friendly and engaging world. Each concept is presented with a guided tutorial.

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Learn to create games

Smeeborg introduces kids to the foundational concepts used in every programming language. These concepts include algorithms, conditions, loops, and functions.

Hints help when needed

FuzzBuzz the handy Fuzz fairy brings helpful hints when students need a suggestion. FuzzBuzz hints adapt to kids' answers and number of attempts for perfectly balanced challenges.

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Design levels and challenge others

Kids can start creating games and levels to test their coding skills. Each game area of Kodable also has an editor where kids can design and test their own games, then share them with others.

Start teaching your child to code

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