Valentine's Day Sequence Activity: Maze Maker Coding Mission

Love is in the air! Do your kids want to help blueFuzz follow hints and create a Valentine's Day themed maze for his fuzzFamily members? For the Valentine's Day Sequence Activity all you need is Kodable and some heart!  

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Valentine's Day Fuzz from Kodable

Your Student's Coding Mission:

Today is a special day. It’s Valentine’s Day! Help blueFuzz and his family celebrate with a special Valentine's Day Maze. Your players will have to follow blueFuzz's directions and hints to reveal the Valentine's Day themed maze design and then help solve the maze using code. It's going to take a lot of heart to complete this mission! Are you ready? Let's go!

Watch the Coding Mission Now!

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Step 1: Help the Fuzzes explore the technomazes of Smeeborg

If players already unlocked Maze Maker, they can skip this part.

If you've never used Kodable before, start players on the planet Smeeborg. You can get there by going to Mission Control, and choosing Smeeborg. The goal here is to code a Sequence of commands that will help the Fuzz roll to the end of the maze. It's important that they complete 4 levels to learn a little bit about Sequence and unlock Maze Maker, which they'll need for the next part! 

Valentine's Day Sequence Activity using Smeeborg in Kodable.
Smeeborg in Mission Control

Step 2: Add some Valentine's Day love to your own maze

To do this, your players will be using Maze Maker.  

Maze Maker location in Fuzztopia for Valentine's Day Sequence activity.
Maze Maker location in Fuzztopia

blueFuzz's Directions & Hints:

  1. Draw a maze that connects the left side of the maze to the right side.
  2. Background Color: What color do you get if you mix red + white? Choose this color for the background. ANSWER: PINK
  3. How many words are in “I love you”? This is how many stars you need in your maze. Drag out the correct number of stars and place them in your maze. ANSWER: 3
  4. How many vowels are in the word “Valentine”? Add this many pink squares anywhere on your maze. ANSWER: 4
  5. BONUS! Use the blue tiles to draw the shape of a heart anywhere on your maze! You can choose to do an outline, fill it in, use colors, etc. Be creative! Add one or multiple.

Step 3: Share the love with your Valentine's Day Sequence Activity! 

Valentine's Day is all about sharing love and joy with others. Your players can do this too!

Share your maze and view classmates in the Kodable Valentine's Day Sequence activity.
Share your maze!

They can view their classmates' mazes and see what they've created to share the love. They can even add a heart to recognize their friends hard work!

Teachers and parents, you can share the love also. Take a picture of your kid's Valentine's Day Sequence Activity and share them with us on social media by tagging @kodable. We'll even repost some of our favorites! 

How to Share the Valentine's Day Sequence Activity with your Students

It's easy to share this Coding Mission with your class by following these steps.

  1. Send the video link to students. You can find it on YouTube or your Teacher Dashboard. (Optional: Include the Student Worksheet with instructions)
  2. Instruct students to watch the video.
  3. After watching the video, students can login to Kodable on their own devices.
  4. Have students go to Maze Maker to create their own maze according to the Coding Mission video! (If Maze Maker is not unlocked, students must complete 4 levels of Smeeborg to unlock it.)

You can also share the video link on student devices.

From all of us here at Kodable, Happy Valentine's Day!