The Best Unplugged Sequence Activity for Fall

This unplugged sequence activity is the next best thing to visiting the pumpkin patch in person!

There’s a corn maze in Fuzztopia and blueFuzz wants to explore, but he’s nervous he’ll get lost!

In this Fall unplugged coding lesson, learners will first design and decorate a Fuzzy Fall Harvest corn maze. Then, learners will code a sequence of commands, also known as an algorithm, that will tell blueFuzz how to roll through to the finish.

Are your students ready to help blueFuzz? Let’s get rolling!”

Unplugged Sequence Activity: Fuzzy Fall Harvest

This activity is unplugged which means you don't need a computer! Here's what you will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue
  3. Drawing supplies
  4. Fuzzy Fall Harvest Worksheet

Have you ever been to a corn maze? It's just like it sounds - a real maze made out of corn! The goal is to get from the start of the maze through to the finish, like this:

The corn stalks that make up the walls of the maze might be double or triple your size so you can't see out. There might be twists, turns, and even dead ends so it can be tricky to find your way through!

The fuzzFamily Heads to the Fuzztopia Corn Maze

The fuzzFamily has decided to head to the Fuzztopia Corn Maze to give it a roll! In case you haven't met them yet, the Fuzzes are round, furry aliens who love adventure and trying new things!

The fuzzFamily from Kodable's learn-to-code app.

But blueFuzz is feeling a little nervous. On one hand he's so excited to have fun with his family and harvest some Fall treats, but he also doesn't want to get lost in the maze!

Unplugged sequence activity for Kodable's Fuzzy Fall Harvest.

To make sure he has a good time and stays safe, there is something your students can do to help!

How to Help blueFuzz

First, students will get to design the corn maze! They can make sure it's fun and challenging, but also solvable.

Second, they will give blueFuzz the exact sequence of instructions needed to get through the maze. In other words, you'll tell him where to go, so there's no way he can get lost!

Will your students help blueFuzz get through the Fuzzy Fall Harvest corn maze?

The Fuzzy Fall Harvest unplugged sequence activity.

Your Unplugged Sequence Activity: Design a Corn Maze


Create and decorate a maze. Then draw the sequence of arrow commands that blueFuzz should follow to roll from start to finish.

Kodable's Fuzzy Fall Harvest, unplugged sequence activity for Fall.


Activity Instructions:

  1. Draw a maze that connects "start" to "finish".
  2. Cut out the Fall harvest treats (corn, pumpkin, and apple) from page 2 of the worksheet and glue them somewhere in the maze. Blue will harvest these treats on his way to the finish line.
  3. Next, add decorations! Cut out the other items from page 2 and glue them around your maze. Use drawing supplies to spruce it up even more!
  4. Finally, solve the corn maze!
Learn coding using Kodable's unplugged sequence activity.
Design and decorate the corn maze

Students can do this alone, or invite a friend or family member to participate too. The challenge is to figure out the correct sequence of arrow commands that Blue should follow the reach the end of the maze. To harvest the fall treats and reach the end, which way does Blue need to roll in this example?

Kodable's unplugged sequence activity, the Fuzzy Fall Harvest.
Which way does blueFuzz need to roll to get through the maze?

Draw these direction arrows in the spaces below the maze. Right, down, left, down, right. Notice that if Blue follows this sequence exactly, he will roll through the maze and join his family!

Unplugged sequence activity from Kodable for elementary school kids.
Draw the sequence of arrow commands

This a sequence of instructions that results in a specific outcome - in coding, this is called an algorithm. In this Fall unplugged sequence lesson, your learners will create an algorithm too!

Example of an algorithm in Kodable's unplugged sequence activity.

Try the Fall Unplugged Sequence Lesson With Your Students!

  • Help blueFuzz harvest the fall treats and get to the end of the corn maze.
  • All the instructions mentioned in the video lesson are also on the Fuzzy Fall Harvest Worksheet, so just print it out and get rolling through the corn maze!

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