The Winter Spectacular | Kid's Winter Coding Activity

Do you feel a chill in the air? A blizzard has hit Fuzztopia! For a limited time, Kodable players can help the Fuzzes get dressed for the cold by using JavaScript to style them in super cool costumes. Then kids can celebrate the snow by using all their coding skills to build a winter wonderland maze for their Fuzzes to explore. Keep reading to learn how your learners can enjoy the kid's winter coding activity they won't want to miss- the Kodable Winter Spectacular.

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Where to Find the Winter Spectacular Activities

Players don't need to look far to get in on the fun. They can access the Winter Spectacular right from Fuzztopia.

Christmas lights are decorated outside the buildings where activities are played, so they easily be found.

A red button button with a snowflake icon has been added to Fuzztopia, so players can view the Winter Spectacular whenever they need.

Kid's winter coding activity from Kodable, the Winter Spectacular.

Pro Members, there's no extra purchase. Teachers, there's nothing to assign. We've made it easy for your kids to see

Fuzz Builder: Use JavaScript to Dress the Fuzzes for the Cold

Brrr, the Fuzzes better bundle up but in style, of course. We've added some icey-cool Fuzz costumes for a limited time only! To access these costumes, all your learner has to do is click on Fuzz Builder from Fuzztopia. Once there, they can let their creativity run wild, as they use JavaScript to dress their Fuzzes using peppermint eyes, snow gear, rainbow scarf, and more.

Maze Maker: Build a Winter Wonderland

Once players have dressed their Fuzz for the snow, it's time to take their Fuzz on an adventure. Head on over the Maze Maker, where Kodable players will create a maze of their own, decorate it with limited-time candy canes, winter trees, and more. Finally, players code their Fuzz through their winter maze using all their coding skills including Sequence, Conditions, and Debugging.

They can even show off their mazes by sharing them with friends and family to complete.

Fuzztopia: Decorations with Holiday Cheer

Make sure your player celebrates the Winter Spectacular everywhere they can by adding limited-time winter decorations to their Fuzztopia home planet for free! These can be found in the Store hut.

Share your Kid's Winter Coding Activity

We don't want to be left out in the cold. Celebrate your player's Winter Spectacular Fuzzes and Mazes with us on social media by tagging @Kodable and using #Kodable so we can feature their fantastic creations!

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Important Note

If you are new to Kodable, Fuzz Builder & Maze Maker might not be unlocked. However, unlocking these features is quick and easy. 

How to Unlock Fuzz Builder & Maze Maker Pro Members

Fuzz Builder

  1. Have kids go to “Mission Control” and complete “Kodable Basics”
  2. Once kids complete all of the six basics levels, Fuzz Builder & Maze Maker will unlock

Maze Maker

  1. Have kids play their first level of Smeeborg, Aquatopia, Bug World, or Asteroid Belt
  2. Once kids complete the first level, Maze Maker will unlock

How to Unlock Fuzz Builder & Maze Maker School Members

  1. Have students go to “Mission Control” and complete “Kodable Basics”
  2. Once students complete all of the six basics levels, Fuzz Builder & Maze Maker will unlock