Teacher Training:
"How to Track and Measure K-2 coding progress"

Discover how to Measure Coding progress

Creative Coding

Demonstrate students' self expression, creativity, and other skills that are harder to "test".

Share with Families

We'll discuss ways to show to hard work including maker faires, arcade days, school events that engage families.

Align with Standards

Hear how coding aligns with ISTE, CSTA, and common core standards, and find out about other resources.

Share with Admins

How to share and showcase student coding progress with an admin to help them understand the value it brings.

Project-Based Learning

Learn why projects are effective measurement tools and how to implement them for evaluation in your class.

Evaluating Yourself

Think about how you have grown as an educator, and imagine where you can go next!

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Kodable includes everything you need to teach coding
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