Summer Coding Activity: Save the Beach Babies! Mission No. 8

Your kids summer coding activity is to help rescue baby sea creatures by collecting 12 pieces of beach trash from the Fuzztopia beach. All you need is a way to play Kodable and some determination! Ready to go? Keep reading...

You know the fuzzFamily, right? There's Blue, Simon, Gracie, and so many others. They go on some awesome adventures together. I want to tell you about one of them.

Save the Beach Babies

A few members of the fuzzFamily had just recently finished a year at school. To celebrate, they decided to pop on their masks and go on a short summer vacation to the Fuzztopia beach! Do you ever go on adventures with your friends or family?

The fuzzFamily went on summer vacation to the beach!

When they got to the beach, they saw a shining sun, glistening sand, bright blue waves. The saw shells, palm trees, and some adorable baby sea creatures. But something wasn't right... the sea creatures actually didn't look so happy. Closer inspection revealed that the sea creatures were surrounded by yucky trash!

Oh no! There's trash all over the beach!

Princess Fuzz had just learned in school about the harmful effects of trash on beaches. She told the other Fuzzes about how animals like seals, turtles, and penguins will something get stuck in trash so they can't swim, or even try to eat it, which is really not good for their bodies. Take a moment to think: What is something YOU can do to take care of the beach when you visit?

How can you help keep the beaches clean this summer?

Together, the fuzzFamily decided there was something they could do to help. They would try to collect as much trash as they could and rescue the baby sea creatures and help them return to their families.

Here's where the fuzzFamily needs YOUR help. The Fuzzes needs you to direct them around the beach to collect the trash!

Start coding the fuzzFamily through the beach to pick up trash.

Think you can help out? Let's head to the Fuzztopia beach and I'll show you how.

Start the Summer Coding Activity

First, head to Mission Control. This is where you can always go to choose your Kodable adventure. Today, our mission tells us to go to the Beach Cleanup planet!

To complete the summer coding activity, go to the Beach Cleanup in Mission Control.

Now that we're here, let's remember what our coding mission is - clean up the beach and recycle 12 pieces of trash! But how? Click 'Play' to get started, and choose how hard you want the level to be. I'm going to choose a beginner level.

Ok - first thing's first, draw a path for the fuzz that connects all the blue recycle tiles - that's how you'll collect the trash!

Find the blue recycle tiles

Whoops - looks like we have some obstacles we can't cross over. Our path will have to go around.

Once you've drawn a path from the left side of the screen to the right, use your coding skills to write the program that will move the Fuzz through the maze. If the path and program are successful, our Fuzz will clear all the trash rescue the sea creatures! Woohoo!

Select the correct code to travel through the maze.

If you run into a problem, that's ok too. Bugs happen! There's a couple things you can try:

  • First, double check your code - maybe a command is incorrect.
  • Then, double check your maze - you can try redrawing parts of it using the tools at the top, or adding condition tile to tell your Fuzz to change directions.
  • Remember, don't give up! you can always try again.
To login to the coding activity, go to or login to Kodable on your iOS device.

Now it's your turn to complete your summer coding mission! Log into Kodable and head to the beach cleanup planet. Help the Fuzzes rescue the sea creatures by collecting the beach trash.

You summer coding activity: Rescue the sea creatures by collecting 12 pieces beach trash.

Can you recycle more than 12 pieces? Let us know in the comments below!