Maze Maker Challenge Winners – here at last!

Wow! What an exciting month! We received over 30,000 submissions for our Maze Maker Challenge. We were blown away with the quality of some of the mazes that they made, and there were easily hundreds of mazes that could have won!

After a lot of tough deliberation, we were able to choose our favorite 20 mazes. Then, we let you and your students vote for your 5 favorites.  And vote you did! Over 50,000 votes were cast by students all around the world, and at long last, we have our winners!

Without further ado…your 5 Maze Maker Winners!

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These 5 mazes will be permanently included in Kodable for millions of kids around the world to play. But that’s not all! Our 20 finalists will all remain playable until June, completely free! So be sure to update Kodable to the latest version and check them all out – we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are!

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