Learning From Home with Kodable

Whether your school has officially closed due to Coronavirus, or you are preparing in case that happens, we've got your back. We want to do all we can to support learning from home with Kodable for you and your students.

Amid COVID-91 concerns, many schools are moving to distance learning. We could be stressed, or we could be annoyed, but we hope you'll look at this as another learning opportunity for your students. Many of them will go on to work from home in their future. Now is the perfect time to put our digital citizenship to the test and establish good distance learning habits.

Update 3/17/20: All Teachers have access to ALL Kodable Lesson plans for free until June 30, 2020. Available now in the Lesson Library

Available starting later this week: 

  • Instructional videos on all concepts to share with students and families. 
  • Recommended game levels for each student video

We will notify everyone with a Kodable account via email when these are available.

Get rolling with easy student login

Make sure all your students know how to login to Kodable from home.

  • Device access - Kodable is available in any web browser or on any iOS device through the App Store.
  • Add Kodable to your class or school website - Save Kodable.com/login or your classes' unique URL.
  • Set up picture passwords to keep student profiles secure.
  • Send home student code cards with class code and picture passwords. About Code Cards
  • Set expectations - Talk to your students about logging in responsibly. Read more about how here and here.

Using Kodable for online lessons and distance learning

Use Kodable Lesson Library to find lesson plans that work for your class. Here are some we love:

  • Beach Clean Up - This activity was originally created for the Hour of Code, and has endless possibilities with easy, medium, and hard difficulties.
  • Intro to Conditions - Write conditional statements that follow the "if_,then_" sentence frame. Introduce conditions with this student video.
  • Follow up Kodable levels with this Sentence Stems lesson by Thea Clark
  • Creative lessons
  • Coding Missions - These challenges are completely student driven and instructed via short videos.
  • Maze Maker - Students complete maze-building challenges aligned with K-5 Common Core math.
  • Women in tech - This 3 day project, done in collaboration with Freckle (formerly Front Row), is perfect for Women’s History month
  • Set up class collaboration tools - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, G-suite
  • Office Hours with Kodable team members if you need any help adapting lessons. Schedule here ->

Video lessons and assignments

Assign videos for at home learning from the Kodable YouTube Channel

Intro videos for each coding concept

Coding Activities with video prompts

Assign levels - You can easily manage what you want to appear on student devices with the Assignments tool on your teacher dashboard.

Follow student work from your teacher dashboard

  • View level progress from your Kodable Teacher Dashboard
  • View student creations from your Kodable Teacher Dashboard
  • Collect student responses on FlipGrid or SeeSaw

Help parents keep kids accountable 

Send home parent letters. Each letter includes information about what their child is learning with Kodable and instructions to follow along by setting up a free parent account.

Print parent letters to take home

Parents can give their kids more activities by becoming Home Members. Lifetime Home Memberships are discounted for families dealing with the impact of Coronavirus. Discount code SPRINGBREAK.

Professional Development Resources

Our thoughts are with the entire Kodable community. Stay safe and healthy!