Learn about our new classroom resources

We’ve got new classroom resources and a new layout on your teacher dashboard to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. No matter how you’re using Kodable in the classroom, you can easily find new activities to keep your class engaged.

New materials. Now easier to find.

80+ ready-to-use materials

Kodable new classroom resource update examples

New Kodable resources are teacher made and student approved. 

These unplugged coding activities include:

  • Collaborative games
  • Art and design sheets
  • Activity books
  • Student assessments

And more! Login to your Kodable dashboard today to see these new resources for yourself.

Materials organized by activity type

When you click into any Kodable Game Course, you’ll now find course resources organized by classroom activity type including guided, independent, and teacher-led.

Kodable basics new materials layout screenshot

Now you can now easily find and use Kodable activities for every occasion in your classroom. All printable materials are included in every activity so all you have to do is pick, print, and watch your students be engaged!

Recommended resources

We’ve made just what your students need to help learn and reinforce the basics of computer programming with our new unplugged activities. Now you’ll find these activities right on your teacher dashboard, right when you need them!

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