Big Announcement | Kodable 2021 Ultimate Update

A new Kodable update is here and we are out-of-this-world-excited to share it with you!

Inside this Kodable update, you’ll discover a new in-game course structure, an ever expanding map of the Kodable galaxy, three new coding concepts, and a ton more! Keep on reading to learn everything you'll need to know about the update as a teacher and for your students.

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*The Kodable Update will be released through out this week. You will see all changes below starting next week!

In-Game Courses

Offering a universe of endless possibilities, coding concepts are now bundled into courses making it clear to see what your students are learning.

About Kodable Game Courses

Designed as planets, each course contains ordered game levels, instructional videos, and teaching materials related to a specific coding concept. Our new structure is a friendly way to teach concepts in complete lessons and makes it easy for you to see how you can connect Kodable to math, ELA, science and more.

Planets & Coding Concepts

  • Fuzztopia is the home planet of the Fuzzes and where new students will learn the basics of Kodable.
  • Smeeborg teaches Sequence, Conditions and Computational Thinking.  
  • Aquatopia teaches Loops and Functions along with patterns and repetition.
  • NEW! Asteroid Belt teach Booleans, Equality and Arrays; our newly added coding concepts!
  • Beach Cleanup apply Sequence, Conditions, Loops and Functions with a focus on Environmental Science.
  • Bug World apply JavaScript basics and Object Oriented Programming.

Game Course Guide for Teachers

Teachers can learn about each course concept and the details of what their students are learning on each planet by going to the Game Courses tab on their Teacher Dashboard. 

Kodable update newly designed coding lessons.

On the Teacher Dashboard you will find:

  • A course overview
  • Scripted lessons that align with in-game levels
  • Course aligned unplugged activities
  • Student answer keys
  • Course materials
  • A list of standards covered with each concept

You'll have the ability to plan and find the best way to incorporate each individual course into your classroom.

Kodable Update NEW in-game course structure.

Students Learning Path

When you create a new class in Kodable, a recommended learning path will automatically be assigned to students.

With this new course adventure, all students will start Kodable by playing "Kodable Basics" on Fuzztopia - A training course for students to learn the basics of coding logic and how to play Kodable.

"Kodable Basics" includes three beginner levels in each of the three areas listed.

Kodable Basics is their first course and it has mazes to prep your students to take on the Galaxy!  

After new students complete the Kodable Basics Course, the Kodable Galaxy will unlock.

Kodable update new galaxy map
Kodable Galaxy

As course concepts are completed, pulsing planets will direct students which planet (course) to travel to next as they explore the Galaxy.

However, if you want to control or tailor your students learning path, you have the option to assign and unassign courses per class.

How to Control the Student Learning Path:

  1. My Class
  2. Select the class you wish to edit
  3. Click 'Game Course' on the top navigation bar
  4. Edit the learning path as you wish by checking or unchecking planets

New Concepts Covered

On this journey, we've added three new coding concepts to our curriculum- Booleans, Equality, and Arrays. Find them on the Intro to Variables Course aka "Asteroid Belt".

Booleans: A Boolean is a type of data that has only two possible values: true or false.

You can think of a boolean like the answer to a yes or no question. If the answer is yes, the Boolean value is true. If the answer is no, the boolean value is false.

Equality: In programming, when two things have the same value, it's called Equality.

Here's an example you might experience in real life: Think about a computer program that controls whether or not you can unlock a smart phone. The program says, "If the password you typed in is equal to the correct password, then you can log in."

Arrays: An Array is a list, and can store related pieces of data together in one place within a program. 

You might think of an array like a connected row of numbered boxes. Each box can have one thing in it.

Teacher Dashboard

Your students aren't the only ones getting a new update!  We simplified things on your teacher dashboard as well, so it's easier than ever to manage your classes, report on student progress, and tailor Kodable to meet your classroom goals. Here's what you'll find when you log in.

My Classes

When you click on a class, you'll find everything you need to start teaching in minutes!


  • class codes and login information
  • learning path overview and controls
  • student creations
  • student progress*

Think of the Class Page as an all-in-one place to to set up, organize, and plan out your classes.

*An important note on progress. You'll find that student game progress will start fresh in the new update to reflect the new courses. We included a button on the progress page that will give you access to student game progress from before the update.

My Students

Easily view and manage all your students in one place. Seamlessly transfer students between classes and maintain student information as needed.

Game Courses

Guide your students through coding lessons or see what and how they are learning. Find the course overview, teacher lesson prompts, student answer keys, course materials, and what standards will be met inside each course. Here you'll be able to plan and integrate your lesson plans with Kodable.

Student View 

Check Kodable out in action! Student View allows you to demo the game with all content and progress unlocked. See what your students are learning, get inspired with ways to use Kodable, or just explore.

Lesson Library

A New Lesson Library is Under Construction! With all these exciting changes, we're updating resources for the lesson library to make them the most effective and useful for your classroom. Keep an eye out on your teacher dashboard for when they are added.

Kodable Update Here we Come!

Finally, we're so excited for you and your students to explore the Kodable update, galaxy, and beyond! Make sure to tag us on social media @kodable or comment down below with your feedback. Happy coding!